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Its' All About The lens

Melakids knows how important your child’s eyesight is, therefore it is taking a leadership role in the protection, vision enhancement and repair of childrens’ vision from sunlight exposure through its commitment to use lenses with Melanin and OLP – the body’s own solution – in their products.

Melakids Founder

Cristy Garcia

Cristy’s personal experience with the devastating eye disease, macular degeneration, came about when she saw the first signs of her grandfather’s loss of vision. A once avid reader who enjoyed long walks in the countryside, her grandfather was steadily losing his ability to see faces and objects in the world around him. Cristy wondered if this misfortune could have been prevented. Today, we know that macular degeneration can be easily prevented by using the right lens technology! Shortly after receiving her MBA, Cristy worked as a marketing consultant for Photoprotective Technologies (PPT) – the founders of the melanin sunglass technologies and the company that later introduced the OLPTM technology.

As a mother of two young girls, she had a particular interest in the application of the new OLPTM lens filtering technology as it applied to children. She focused on the fact that Nature provided this eye protection to humans – but only after adulthood – and wondered why this could not be put into lenses for children.

Cristy also understood that UV protection was not enough for her two young daughters and became aware that blue light filtration was needed and started asking herself what made OLP better than other sunglass lenses that filtered blue light.

Cristy also realized that it was necessary to communicate the OLP message to other parents. She founded Melakids with the goal of showing other parents how melanin and OLPTM filtration works.