Blue light & your kid

Blue light is harmful at all ages; but children are especially vulnerable. The ocular lens of a young child is crystal clear until the age of 30. Then the lens takes on a yellow tint which provides a natural filter for blue light. So without the right protection, your child will get a full dose of all the harmful blue light in the environment.

Our Technology


Melanin is the pigment that gives our hair, skin, and eyes their color and is the primary protection against damage from sunlight.

Ocular Lens Pigment (OLP)

OLP is a yellow-brown tint that occurs in the lens of the eye and also protects the eye from damage caused by exposure to sunlight. Our patented OLP formula incorporates this naturally-occurring protection into lenses for sunglasses.

Our patented lenses

Lenses with OLP decrease the amount of HEV (high energy visible – violet and blue) light and therefore reduce glare and the risk of macular degeneration. The consumer benefits are better and healthier vision

Durable and Comfortable for kids

Our frames are made to withstand the test of time and the active lifestyle of a young child. Available in a variety of colors and flexible, comfortable rubber material

Our selection

Find the right pair for your child. Our glasses are specifically made for kids ages 2 through 11.

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Don't just protect your child's eyes. Protect them with Melanin & OLP lens technology.